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Your Child is our Priority

Educational Program

At Little Smarties Early Learning Centres our educators develop educational programs for each room. Information is gathered from children’s interests, family input, community events, Early Years Learning Framework and bundled together to support each child’s learning and development.

Little Smarties Method

Each program will be specific to individual interests and abilities of the children attending the room. There will be child-initiated, teacher initiated and spontaneous experiences daily. There will be project walls and living documents to support those projects as this allows children to constantly revisit their interests in their own time. It allows children to begin to think critically about their play and developed sustained thinking for continuity of learning.

Our programs are largely based on Early Years Learning Framework and encompass play based learning outcomes. This means our educators create small learning spaces for children to explore and engage in play with. Children of all ages use play to explore and make sense of their world. Play based learning encourages children to develop social, language, emotional, physical and creative skills which are essential for later on in life.

Term 1

At Little Smarties Term 1, our main focus will be ‘Developing Your Child’s Sense of Identity”

How will we help to build your child’s sense of identity?

  • Parent information night.
  • Name recognition, Name tracing.
  • Identify what they would like to be when they grow up through group conversations.
  • Remember their birthdays, address, phone number, family structure, ability to recognise when they’re hungry through progressive mealtimes.
  • Building your child’s sense of agency by being more independent when it comes to self-help skills such as washing their dishes after meal times, making own beds, clean beds after use, put own shoes on, serve own food & drink.
  • Create individual philosophy.
  • Decision making/making own choices.
  • Growing veggies & herbs.
  • Looking after our worm farm.
  • Being aware of our environment through our sustainable practice. Garden wardens, Power wardens & water wardens.
  • Identify labels & signs in their learning environment.
  • Children to continue to shape their identities & further extend their existing knowledge, skills through interactions with educators, families & peers.

Term 2

At Little Smarties Term 2, our main focus will be “Developing Social/Emotional Skills”

How will we help develop your child’s social/emotional skills?

  • Turn taking.
  • Small & large social interactions.
  • Ethical value.
  • Respect, giving & sharing.
  • Be involved in our local community through incursions.
  • Through physical activities/games/fine motor skills.
  • Role play activities through dramatic play.
  • Once a week a Primary school teacher will be invited to the service to implement kindergarten activities with the preschoolers.
  • Half yearly reports will be completed at the end of the term
  • Parent teacher interviews.

Term 3

At Little Smarties Term 3, our main focus will be “Developing Pre Literacy, Numeracy, Math’s & Science Skills”

How will we help achieve your child’s pre literacy & numeracy skills?

  • Visit local library.
  • Phonics.
  • Homework.
  • Music/movement – move to a variety of beats.
  • Number sense & counting.
  • Logic & Classifying/sorting objects attributes (i.e by colour, shape, size, pattern)
  • Science (comparing/fast and slow, loud & soft music, investigate with hot & cold substance, light & heavy materials, compare amounts (i.e more, less and the same.)
  • Art (use thick & thin lines, use big paper & small paper, use thick & thin crayons, paintbrushes, pencils, textas) etc.
  • Maths ( Take objects apart & reassemble)
  • Explore parts of machines, examine parts of plants.
  • Math’s/Time recognition: (i.e growth chart – plants, humans, animals. etc
  • Following a daily schedule based on time.
  • Engage children in rhyming games.

Term 4

At Little Smarties Term 4, our main focus will be “Applied Literacy & Numeracy & Preparation to Transition into Kindergarten”

How will we help achieve your child’s applied pre literacy & numeracy skills & preparation to transition to kindergarten?

  • Reading/Writing short text
  • Math’s (Know number & count sequence).
  • Write numbers from 1-10.
  • Introduction to addition & subtraction.
  • Math’s (introduction to money in play/dramatic play i.e shops, restaurant & fruit shops)
  • Lunch box (introduce eating lunch from a lunch box)
  • Excursion to our local primary school.
  • Creating own stories & story book with own drawings & literacy.
  • Visit local library